Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Environmental Studies at California State University, Sacramento, is to prepare students to understand and address environmental problems in their political, economic, social, ethical, and scientific contexts. We promote the use of an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research, and we encourage the development of strong writing, research, and quantitative skills that give students the ability to identify the causes and consequences of human influence on the environment and to work toward sustainable solutions to complex environmental problems.

Environmental Studies Student Profile

Reshmi Prasad (BS, Environmental Studies, Spring 2018)

I have been accepted in the Global Health and Environmental program in the school of Public Health at UC Berkeley.  I am extremely excited and grateful for this amazing opportunnity. Thank you ENVS faculty for your support during the process, for providing great advice, and for writing recommendation letters. I appreciate this greatly and am beyond honored. Getting into a gradute program is definately a team effort, from the support of family members, to the professors and faculty members of the ENVS department. I could not have done it without you! Thank-you!