For Prospective Students

A message for students transferring to Sac State to major in Environmental Studies.

The BA and BS degrees in Environmental Studies require the following courses (or equivalent from a Community College or another 4-year institution):

Biology 1

Biology 2 OR Biology 10/15L

Chemistry 1A OR 6A

ENVS 10 (Introduction to Environmental Science)

Economics 1B (Micro Economics)

Geography 1 OR Geology 10

We strongly encourage ALL transferring students to complete ALL of these courses before enrolling at Sac State. If you are missing one or more of these courses, it is unlikely that you will be able to graduate from Sac State in 2 years. Introductory Biology and Chemistry courses at Sac State fill very quickly (and usually before transfer registration), so completing these courses at your Community College (or other 4-year college) must be a priority.

Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Admission to California State University, Sacramento

For general information about CSUS to help you decide if you would like to apply for admission, you can:

Application for admission as an undergraduate is done online: Apply to CSUS.

Visiting the Department of Environmental Studies

All prospective students are encouraged to visit our department and meet with an advisor. If you are planning a visit to campus and would like to meet with an advisor, please call the Department Office at (916) 278-6620, or send an email to