Urban Agriculture & Aquaponics

Environmental Studies at the Sustainable Technology Outdoor Research Center

Aquaponics STEM LectureThe first presentation of the spring 2015 Sacramento State STEM Scholars Lecture Series was given by Dr. Burton and Dr. Murphy. View the lecture here.

Get some aquaponics information here.

Urban Agriculture students Rebecca DuPont and Heather McDonough collected data on Sacramento region farms and their sales methods. View the map and the list of farms here.

Sacramento Region Urban Agriculture Sales

Aquaponics & Future Elementary Teachers Aquaponics & Future Elementary Teachers - part of the STEM Teacher Preparation Student Success Initiatives at Sacramento State. Click here for a PDF of the poster.

Sac State Aquaponics at the State Fair

California State Fair

Sac State Urban Agriculture and Aquaponics is at the California State Fair, at The Farm. A dedicated group of student interns is working with Dr. Burton and Dr. Murphy to educate the community about their multi-trophic sustainable systems.

CSUS Student Wins Sustainability Award

Nelson Mmbando

Sac State senior and budding Aquaponics authority Nelson Mmbando collected his award for winning first place for the This Way to Sustainability Greenie Awards. The Greenie Awards were part of the March conference at which Nelson presented his recent Aquaponics system, which is capable of growing up to 120 heads of lettuce in a 4'x6' footprint with both minimal amounts of water and electricity--a system which he hopes to employ to battle hunger in his home country of Tanzania. Congratulations, Nelson!

Nelson's Aquaponics Video

Nelson Mmbando has created a video highlighting the details of his large scale Aquaponics system, expanded from the A-Frame Deep Water Culture Column (ADWCC) prototype he designed. The 256 square feet foot print is capable of producing approximately 400 heads of lettuce every two weeks. See the video here.

Aquaponics Fish Tank

Fish in aquaponics tank

International STORC Tour

International delegates tour STORC

A delegation of elected officials from Honduras and Belize came to campus June 16 and toured the STORC center. They toured the aquaponics greenhouse for 40 minutes, taking pictures, listening to briefings by Professors Dudley Burton and Brook Murphy, and peppering them with questions about the feasibility of transporting this relatively low-tech process to their homelands. See the full story here.

Sac State Aquaponics in the News

Professors Dudley Burton and Brook Murphy have created an aquaponics system at the University's Sustainable Technology Outdoor Research Center (STORC). The project was featured in a Sacramento Bee article as well as in Sac State News.

Swiss chard in the aquaponics greenhouse