About Us

In 1968, an eager group of individuals worked diligently to pilot the Educational Opportunity Program. Following the successful evaluation, the California Legislature passed the enabling legislation (SB1072), also known as the Harmer Bill, that gave rise to the EOP Program at "Sac State" and in all of the CSU in 1969.

At Sac State, an eager group established limited services in 1968, making our program one of the first operational programs in the state. 

EOP is the University's first and most comprehensive postsecondary access and equity program. 

The program was started in response to public pressure that shed light on the fact that a large population of California citizens was vastly underrepresented in the California State University System. 

EOP is designed to improve access and retention of low-income and educationaly disadvantaged students. 


The program serves California residents from low-income households who demonstrate the motivation and potential to earn a baccalaureate degree. 

EOP students are individuals who have the potential to succeed at Sacramento State, but have not been able to realize their goal for a higher education because of her/his economic and/or educational background. 

The primary aim of the program is to help students achieve their college goals by providing services needed to be successful in college.
The following services are offered through EOP:


  • Admissions Assistance
  • A special orientation to the university
  • Academic advising, personal counseling, and tutoring
  • Financial aid advisng and information
  • An EOP grant award for eligible EOP students
  • Course placement and planning
  • Learning and study strategies
  • Participation in a required EOP Learning Community
  • Referrals to other university special programs and services Enrollment in a second-semester transition program to aid with adjustment to university life