What is A.R.I.S.E?

EOP wants you to succeed and to know that “you are always a part of the EOP family”. Our retention program called the “ARISE Project” is designed to assist undergraduate students achieve their goals by providing assistance in various areas such as community involvement, academic advising and career readiness. ARISE stands for “Aiming Retention Intensive Services for Excellence”. It utilizes the hot air balloon and sun rays to symbolize an idea of positive outlook, uplifting spirit, and helping others. The program is comprised of several components such as personal development and community engagement.

  • Complete each year of your academic career successfully
  • Obtain advising and counseling support from an EOP counselor
  • Successfully declare a major that is suited to your degree and career objectives
  • Assist you in identifying a major advisor and support in your academic college
  • Help you complete your GE
  • Prepare you for life beyond college
  • Assist you with the graduation process and post-baccalaureate goals
  • Pairing you with a faculty mentor
  • Peer advising
  • Personal assessments
  • Events and workshops
  • Major and career exploration
  • Junior/senior seminars
  • Cultural and student engagement
  • Leadership training
  • Faculty mentoring
  • Internships
  • EOP alumni mentoring
  • Financial support
  • Tutoring services
  • Earn better grades in college
  • Gain assistance from counselor, advisors and personal retention ambassador
  • Increase your chances of graduation


Below are the various components of our retention services tailored for your specific needs:

Events & Workshops