Sophomore Success

Welcome to Sophomore Year!

The EOP Sophomore Success Program is designed to aid students as they continue to transition into their second academic year with these four goals in mind.

Sophomore year can be an exciting time of reflection, learning about oneself, getting involved on campus and exploring major and career possibilities. EOP is here to support our Sophomore students every step of the way!

Goal #1  Continue to support academic integration to the campus community

Goal #2  Provide comprehensive career development services that promotes self-efficacy & campus identity

Goal #3  Provide mentorship opportunities that keeps students motivated and inspired

Goal #4  Provide leadership opportunities that encourages campus involvement

  • Sophomore Bridge
  • Sophomore Learning Community
  • Individual & Group Academic Advising
  • GE Planning & Sophomore Success Tips
  • Career Workshops
  • Sophomore Socials
  • Undeclared Advising Workshops

EOP Sophomore Students are required to complete one advising session per semester. Please be sure to check your saclink email regularly for updates on your specific sophomore advising requirements.


Sophomore Bridge is an innovative summer program that builds on the Freshman Summer Bridge model. Utilizing the opportunity to re-engage students entering their second year, Sophomore Bridge connects students to the curriculum through the English 20 course offered in the program. Students gain skills in writing skill development, leadership training, and are exposed to community building activities that support and foster their persistence at Sacramento State.

Sophomore Bridge application coming spring 2019!

For more information, contact Rosana Chavez-Hernandez, M.S.
EOP Counselor/Sophomore & Career Success Coordinator at
(916) 278-6183 or through via email at


The  Sophomore Success Learning Community is  specifically designed for second-year students who have completed 30 units or more.  The learning community will include one general education course  English 20 and one elective career and leadership-themed course ALS 199. Students will have an opportunity to continue to participate in a supportive learning environment while earing G.E. and elective credit towards graduation. Students will also work closely with dedicated faculty and staff in and outside of the classroom to have a full-on comprehensive and engaging academic experience.

Fall 2018 Sophomore Learning Community Schedule
ALS 199: Tuesday 12:00pm-12:50pm
English 20: Tuesday & Thursday from 1:30pm-2:45pm