Ethnic Studies General Concentration Electives:

Four from the following Electives (12.0 units)

ETHN 111             Southeast Asians in the U.S

ETHN 112             Contemporary Asian American Issues   

ETHN 113             Asian American Communities

ETHN 114             Asian Americans and Globalization

ETHN 115             Biracial and Multicultural Identity in the U.S

ETHN 116             Asian American Politics and Public Policy

ETHN 117             Black Political Thought

ETHN 118             Asian American Women

ETHN 119             The Filipino American Experience

ETHN 121             Hmong American Experience

ETHN 122             Sikh Americans and Globalization

ETHN 133             Cross-cultural Aging in America

ETHN 136             US Mexican Border Relations

ETHN 137             Race and Ethnicity in Latin America and Caribbean

ETHN 141             Politics African Diaspora

ETHN 142             Native American Tribal Governments

ETHN 143             American Indians Film and Popular Culture

ETHN 145             Native Voice, Memory and Biography

ETHN 150             Native American Oral Tradition and Storytelling

ETHN 151             Native American Women 

ETHN 152             American Indians, Sovereignty, and U.S. Laws

ETHN 155             Genocide and Holocaust Studies

ETHN 156             Indigenous People

ETHN 167             Asian American Families: Issues and Perspectives

ETHN 171             African Religion and Philosophies

ETHN 172             Black Women in America

ETHN 173             Black Family in U.S.

ETHN 177             Genocide and Human Rights in Africa

ETHN 179             Black Music and Black Consciousness