Other Electives Accepted With Program Director and/or Department Chair Approval:

ANTH     101        Cultural Diversity

ANTH     106        Culture and Personality of the Chicano Child  

ANTH     121        Archaeology of Mexico

ANTH     128        Indians of California

ANTH     135        Indians of North America

ANTH     143        Culture and Society in Mexico.  

ANTH     145        Peoples and Cultures of Latin America

ANTH     161        African Cultures and Societies

ART       148        Barrio Art for Ethnic Groups.  

ART       111        Latin American and Latino Art History  

ENGL     180F       Major African-American Authors

ENGL     180W      Native American Literature 

ENVS     163        Ethnoecology

GOVT     147        Latin American Government and Politics 

HIST      135A      History of Mexico To 1910  

HIST      135B      Revolutionary and Modern Mexico  

HIST      138A      Colonial Latin America

HIST      138B      Modern and Contemporary Latin America 

HIST      142        History of Women in Africa

HIST      143A      Middle Eastern History to 1800

HIST      171        American Indian Ethnohistory

HIST      172        Native American People

HIST      176        African Cultural Heritage in the Americas

HIST      177        The African-American Experience, 1603-Present

HIST      178        Mexican-American History 

HIST      183A      California History, 1542-1860 

HIST      183B      California History, 1860-1970

HIST      185        California Indian History

SOC      118         Chicano Community  Monday, October 05, 2015

SOC      122         Immigration Studies 

SPAN     100         Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature

SPAN     110         Survey of Spanish Literature to 1800. 

SPAN     111         Survey of Spanish Literature from 1800 to the Present 

SPAN     113         Latin American Literature, Beginnings to Modernism

SPAN     114         Latin American Literature, Modernism to Present 

SPAN     115         Magical Realism 

SPAN     121         Spanish For Professionals

SPAN     130         Contemporary Mexican Literature. 

SPAN     151         Civilization and Culture of Hispanic America

SPAN     152         Civilization and Culture of Spain

THEA     132         African-Caribbean Dance

THEA     140         Black Drama African Diaspora

THEA     170         African-Amer. Theatre and Culture

WOMS   136         Gender, Race, and Class

WOMS   137         Women Of Color

WOMS   139         Violence Against Women