Pan African Studies

Pan African Studies Concentration Electives:

Four from the following Electives (12.0 units)

ANTH  101           Cultural Diversity

ANTH  161           African Cultures and Societies

ENGL  180F         Major African-American Authors

ETHN  115           Biracial and Multiracial Identity in the US 

ETHN   117          Black Political Thought

ETHN  133           Cross-cultural Aging in America

ETHN   141          Politics African Diaspora

ETHN   155          Genocide and Holocaust Studies

ETHN   156          Indigenous People

ETHN   171          African Religion and Philosophies

ETHN   172          Black Women in America

ETHN   173          Black Family in U.S.

ETHN   177          Genocide and Human Rights in Africa

ETHN   179          Black Music and Black Consciousness

HIST    142          History of Women in Africa

HIST    143A        Middle Eastern History to 1800

HIST     176         African Cultural Heritage in the Americas

HIST     177         The African-American Experience, 1603-Present

THEA    132         African-Caribbean Dance

THEA    140         Black Drama African Diaspora

THEA    170         African-Amer. Theatre and Culture