Student Advising

The Department of Ethnic Studies offers students numerous options to support your interests and career goals. Regular scheduled meetings with an adviser are essential. 

  • Ethnic Studies students must declare a specific concentration within the major (General Ethnic Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicana/o Latina/o Studies, Native American Studies, Pan African Studies or Teacher Education).
  • Ethnic Studies majors are strongly encouraged to choose a minor that is either discipline based (e.g. Anthropology, Economic, Psychology, Sociology, etc.), area based (e.g. African Studies, Asian Studies, Middle East and Islamic Studies, California Studies, etc.), specialty based (e.g. Environmental Studies, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Labor Studies, Womens Studies, etc.), or professional based (e.g. Business Administration, Education, Journalism, Social Work, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), etc.).
  • Students can also earn a baccalaureate degree in Ethnic Studies and in another major (double major) by completing the requirements for both majors.  Multiple majors will be recorded on the student’s permanent record and both completed majors will be acknowledged on the diploma and official transcripts.

Academic advising assists students to realize the maximum educational benefits available by helping them to better understand themselves and to learn to use the resources of the Department and the University to meet their own special educational needs.

Ethnic Studies Student Advising Form

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