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$1.37M grant opens doors to students’ careers in research

2014 track championships More researchers who are Made at Sac State will be entering the biomedical field, thanks to a $1.37 million National Institutes of Health grant received by Sacramento State to give our students more hands-on experience.

Administered by Sac State’s Science Education Equity (SEE) Program, the five-year grant, which will be launched this fall, targets undergrads aiming for a doctorate in biomedical research. It will assist students from underrepresented communities, such as ethnic and cultural groups, the disabled, low-income families, and those who are the first in their families to attend college.

Student work could involve research in areas such as microbiology, organic chemistry, or neurological disorders, says Mary McCarthy Hintz, director of SEE activities and one of the grant’s administrators.

The students will be paid for their work. “We’re giving them research experience so they can move on to their Ph.D.’s, but we’re also providing them with a source of income so they don’t have to go outside to support themselves and can concentrate on their academics and their experiences,” says the grant’s other administrator, SEE research coordinator Semarhy Quinones-Soto.
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