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Yes, it is rocket science, and physics junior is on the cutting edge

Elizabeth Gabler Educating the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) leaders of tomorrow is one of Sacramento State’s proudest missions, and physics major Elizabeth Gabler is living the dream.

If NASA someday needs to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid to keep it from hitting Earth, Gabler will have played a role. The junior has spent the past several months working for Aerojet Rocketdyne as part of its partnership with NASA on the Double Asteroid Redirection Test project, in which a small spacecraft will be launched toward the asteroid Didymos in an effort to redirect it. Gabler designed the brackets that will hold the liquid propulsion onto the spacecraft.

Gabler also recently served as the student emcee at an event honoring Ernest E. Tschannen for his $9 million donation to support the construction of the new Science Complex on campus named for him.

“I was a rocket scientist at age 19,” Gabler says. “How many people can say that?”
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