Finish in Four: Tips & Benefits


It starts with taking 15 units per semester.


Finishing in four years saves money, can result in better grades, and gets your career started sooner. Since 120 units are the minimum required for a bachelor's degree, it means taking at least 15 units per semester.

Money Guage

Save in fees

Students graduating in four years instead of six save up to $13,800 in fees. CSU Budget Office, 2015-16

Have less debt

Students who borrow over four years versus six have up to $11,000 less debt and significantly lower monthly payments. Office of Institutional Research, 2014.

Earn more

Four-year graduates start their careers sooner, and earn an average of $100,000 more in their lifetimes than graduates who finish in six. Based on median annual salary for 2016 college graduates.



Smaller loan payments

4 year statistics 6 years statistics

*Illustration shows an example of repayments
over 10 years with 5% interest.


Freshman transfers


Students taking 15...


Are more likely to graduate

Freshmen are 3x more likely to graduate than those taking fewer than 12, and transfers are 7x more likely to graduate.

Get better grades

Grade-point averages for freshmen are .67 points higher, and transfers are .34 points higher.
Office of Institutional Research, 2014

Are more satisfied

Studies show that students who take more units report spending more time on campus, making more connections, and overall having higher satisfaction.


Know Your Plan!


Be ready for college, complete reviews or make up classes before you start


Map out your courses, taking the required ones first, and get involved


Take an average of 15 units per semester or
30 per year


Meet with your advisor regularly to stay on track


Tips for Success