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Student Research & Creative Activity Advisory Board


Any undergraduate or graduate student at Sacramento State with experience working on research and/or creative projects who is committed to promoting research and creative activities to their fellow students is eligible to apply for a position on the advisory board. Students from all academic disciplines and academic levels are encouraged to apply, with the goal of having the seven colleges represented on the board. The advisory board will consist of no fewer than five and no more than ten members.

Students interested in becoming members are required to complete an online application in order to be formally considered for the position. Applications will be evaluated by the SRC staff. Student participation on the board is voluntary.

Benefits include opportunities for decision making regarding the yearly programming, network building, leadership development, and community outreach. Board members will be featured on the SRC webpage. This is a voluntary position.

Selected board members serve a term of one academic year contingent on their ability to meet and maintain all of the requirements for serving on the advisory board.

*The SRC defines “Research and Creative Activities” as student projects carried out under the supervision of a faculty mentor outside the classrooms with the purpose of contributing new knowledge to their field of study.

Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings throughout the academic year to discuss program offerings and assess effectiveness, promote SRC events within their networks, provide suggestions for future programs, and other responsibilities as needed.

SRC staff will be responsible for meeting coordination, agenda development, and member recruitment.

For questions, please contact

2021-2022 Voting Members 

Ronald Coleman (Chair) - Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Deborah Bruffett - Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

Jessica Gonzales - Health & Human Services

Milana Matsuka - Health & Human Services

Anthony Perez - Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Benjamin Saubolle-Camacho - Arts & Letters

Amanda Visger - Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

Last updated: March 23, 2022