Program Expectations

To facilitate learning and achieve the mission of the CSU Sacramento Dietetic Internship, interns enrolled in the program are expected to follow all policies and procedures and expectations as reviewed during Orientation. A variety of educational approaches are used to facilitate student learning based on the ACEND requirements, mission and goals of the program and the local job market.

Interns are required to enroll in graduate coursework. The courses provide a variety of learning experiences provided as lectures, presentations, class discussions, unique facility tours, guest lectures and assignments which correlate with didactic competencies.

Given our program mission and objectives, classroom lectures, field trip activities, role-playing, simulations, problem-based learning, case studies, and involvement in community, clinical and foodservice organizations provide a comprehensive education along with networking, exposure, training and practice experience in the various dietetic careers to accomplish each required competency. Various educational approaches are incorporated into the internship to improve student learning. The interaction with multiple area dietitians in various settings aims to increase interns’ interest and awareness in dietetics while meeting ACEND competencies.

Our program will develop personal and professional attitudes and values, ethical practices, leadership and decision-making skills required to become a successful dietitian. Professionalism is emphasized in the supervised practice and throughout the program. Competencies which develop leadership and decision-making skills relevant to practice include: learning to recognize and influence the legislative process in the practice of dietetics; utilizing professional communication skills in the practice of dietetics; and establishing a program for professional development. The latter includes joining professional organizations and attending professional meetings.  All interns are required to attend the CA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Symposium.