Welcome to the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Mission and Overview

The mission of the FACS Department is to provide knowledge and skills that will enhance the well-being and quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. We strive to foster healthy relationships between people and their diverse environments, focusing on the integration of physical, biological, cultural, economic and social influences on human behavior, lifespan development, and health.  These relationships are examined in the context of clothing and fashion, nutrition and food, family life and resource management.  

Through education, scholarly engagement, and community service, our programs and profession focus on understanding critical issues affecting individuals, families and communities.  These include: family services; child care and youth services; nutrition and wellness; medical nutrition therapy; food management; food safety; appearance and clothing; globalization of fashion;access to resources including food, shelter, and clothing; and the production and distribution of related services and products. 

Students majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences select one of the following concentrations:

              *Pre-Credential-Single Subject Matter Program
              *Fashion Merchandising and Design
              *Family Studies
              *Nutrition and Foods

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences is committed to the following goals:

  • To prepare students to become successful and informed professionals in their chosen field and to thrive in a diverse national and global society 
  • To provide a high quality, current, and progressive academic program utilizing appropriate technologies
  • To integrate issues and topics of diversity, globalization, public policy, scholarship and community service learning in our academic programs
  • To include practical experience in prospective employment settings to enhance learning and qualifications for entry-level positions
  • To participate in the CSUS General Education program as a way to serve a broad range of students by offering a variety of courses in the FACS disciplines
  • To support faculty and student development and scholarly activities