Welcome - This is an information page for Economics 1b (Introductory Microeconomics) for Summer 2013 - The course begins on July 15th and the final exam is on August 23rd.


This is an online course.  All material, homeworks, quizzes, and tests will be done on a computer.  There are no classroom presentations of the material.  The only time we will meet is for the final exam, which you must take in person on campus.  You will have access to the professor through email, phone, discussion groups, and online office hours.

If you are not comfortable with computers, self-motivated and self-directed, or able to learn in an online format, THIS IS NOT THE CLASS FOR YOU.

Here is what you will need to do:

  • Get online access to your book either from the bookstore or directly from MyEconLab. 
  • Register for MyEconLab (see last page of syllabus).
  • To access the course after registering, go to http://www.myeconlab.com and log in with your userid and password.
  • Follow the Course Pathway that is contained in this course in MyEconLab.
  • Do homework and quizzes for every chapter on a regular basis.
  • Take a test at the end of the semester (in person, on campus with photo ID.  You should note that this test constitutes a large portion of your grade and thus will require you to have done the work on your own throughout the semester.)