Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

To be eligible for student aid, a student must show that they have been making satisfactory academic progress at the time they apply for aid.  Regulations require that all semesters, regardless if financial aid was received, must be counted when determining satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the University SAP Policy.

The timeline for appeal decisions is three to five weeks.

For the annual SAP review, the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office uses the cumulative GPA as determined by the University.

For probation SAP review, the Financial Aid Office uses term GPA at the end of the probation semester. The semester GPA must meet the minimum GPA SAP standard.

You may regain eligibility under certain conditions.  Otherwise, you may consider the following options:

  • Pay your tuition fees in full or sign-up for the Installment Payment Plan and make the required payments on time to keep your classes
  • Drop to part-time (6 or fewer units) to pay the reduced tuition fees
  • Withdraw before the University deadline to receive a refund of fees paid
  • Enroll at a Community College.  You should discuss this option with an Academic Advisor

No. Students who did not meet SAP probation standards at the end of their fall probation, will have their spring aid canceled.  Also, students will receive a financial aid hold of "failed fall progress check" on their Student Center account.  Appeals are not considered for spring. You may regain eligibility, once you have met all SAP standards.

Yes. You must file a spring appeal for consideration of aid.