What Affects Aid?


This page is designed to help you understand the many ways which your aid can become affected.


The Financial Aid Office offers awards based on full-time enrollment.  Depending on the aid program, a reduction of enrollment may cause a repayment of disbursed aid. 

Increasing your unit load from half-time (0-6 units) to full-time (more than 6 units), will cause an increase to your tuition feesIf you have been issued a refund prior to your increase in units, your Student Center will update with a balance due for tuition fees and due date.  You will need to make a payment for any tuition fees due to avoid enrollment cancellation.

Aid Application Changes After You Received and Award

Correcting certain items on your FAFSA or your Dream Act application may cause a delay in file processing, repayment of disbursed aid and/or change awards that are currently in offer status.  You should inquire with our office, if you intend to make corrections to your aid application.

Financial Aid at More Than One School

Adding multiple schools to your FAFSA or Dream Act application may result in receiving an award offer from more than one school.  Be careful and accept aid only from the school which you have been admitted and plan to attend.  If you are a Spring transfer student who was awarded for the academic year at another school, make sure that your spring awards are cancelled/have not disbursed to you.  You are only eligible for financial aid at one institution per term.

Loan Requirements

In order to understand the responsibility that comes with borrowing student loans, you must complete the Entrance Loan Counseling (ELC) and Master Promissory Note (MPN).   These loan requirements will appear on your To Do List (if applicable) after you have accepted a student loan.

Outside Resources

If you receive outside funds for educational expenses, such as a scholarship, fee waiver or third-party waiver, you must report these resources to our office immediately.  They are counted as a resource along with other state/federal aid programs.

Repeat Coursework

You cannot receive federal aid for repeated coursework.  We make attempts to contatct you at your Saclink email, to notify you of enrolled coursework that does not qualify for federal aid.  You must repay federal funds which you are not eligible to receive. For specific information about our Repeat Coursework Policy, click here.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

All financial aid applicants must meet the minimum SAP standards to maintain financial aid eligibility.  SAP progress is reviewed for all students after Spring grades have posted.  Probation students must meet specific SAP standards, at the end of the probation term.  For specific information about our SAP Policy, click here.

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawing from the Univeristy may result in repayment of disbursed aid and/or failing to meet one or more of the minimum SAP standards.  For specific information about our Withdrawal Policy, click here.