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The Financial Aid & Scholarship Office at Sacramento State awards nearly $4M dollars in institutional scholarship opportunities each year. By completing a single application students are matched to available scholarship opportunities offered at Sac State. Scholarships are offered by various colleges, departments and organizations to undergraduate and graduate students wo meet specific criteria. Additional Community Scholarship opportunities are available and require a separate application.

Institutional scholarship opportunities are available as early as October and running through March, each year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Available scholarships at Sacramento State are accessible through a single application. There are over 600 scholarships awarded through the various selection committees through Colleges, Departments, and Organizations on campus.

Additional scholarship options are available through the community scholarships tab and will require you to complete a sepereate applicaiton to be considered. 

A student will complete the online application and then be automatically matched to available scholarship opportunities. If additional information is needed to complete your application you will receive an email request for things such as; a resume or an essay on a specific topic.

The Financial Aid & Scholarship Office will verify the student meets the scholarship award criteria prior to disbursement or payment of funds.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Full-time enrollment
  • GPA
  • Demonstrated and/ or remaining unmet need

Any and all resources a received that are for educational expenses and require a student to be enrolled must be counted toward the student’s total cost of attendance.  A student may not receive funding beyond their full cost of attendance.ore...

The Financial Aid office is required to account for all resources a student receives toward their total cost of education. Scholarships, grants and stipends must be included as part of the student’s resources along with other federal and state aid programs. Eligibility for scholarship award (s) after the student has already been awarded federal and state aid may result in an adjustment to aid already accepted and/or disbursed.

A financial aid recipient may not be awarded funds in excess of the Cost of Attendance.

Scholarships are typically paid at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, unless otherwise specified by the donor. A student must be enrolled and meet the scholarship eligibility criteria at time of application and at the time the award is paid. The payment will first be applied toward any outstanding charges the student may owe the University and then, any remaining credit balance will be paid directly to the student.

Once funds have been received, scholarship awards will apply to tuition fees and other obligations you owe to the University. However, if your scholarship award(s) do not cover your tuition fees, you are responsible for the balance of tuition fees owed.

Checks should be made payable to "CSUS" and mailed to:

Sacramento State
Lassen Hall - Bursar's Office 1003
Attn: Scholarships 
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6052

Reminder: Make sure donor provides both your name and student ID on scholarship notification or memo. 

Bring your check to the Bursar's Office in the Lassen Hall, Room 1003. 

Yes. Bring your scholarship award letter or scholarship check to the Bursar's Office in Lassen Hall, Room 1003.  A scholarship fee deferment will be issued on your account. 

If you are a successful recipient of a scholarship you will receive a notification from the Scholarship Office and you will also receive a notification of a revised financial aid award.  You must submit a Thank You letter before your scholarship dollars will pay. 

The Scholarship Office requires all scholarship recipients to write a Thank You letter to the donor.  The student may upload this letter at the same link where they applied for scholarships, or you may submit the letter to the Student Service Center.  Please be sure to sign and date the letter and include your student identification number found on your One Card.