Federal Work Study Information for On Campus Employers

The Federal Work Study Program partners with the Career Center to provide our students with valuable experiences to assist them in seeking employment after graduation. The FWS Program covers 70% of students' wages and the employer is responsible for the remaining 30%. FWS students are available to work during the academic year (excluding summer), up to 20 hours per week when classes are in session and 40 hours per week when classes are not in session.

It is our hope that through this cooperative partnership with our Career Center and the Leadership Initiative, we can provide learning opportunities and valuable experiences for our FWS students that will better prepare them for job opportunities as Sacramento State alum.

FWS Employers must attend the mandatory orientation required for all employers interested in participating in the FWS Program. Orientations are typically held in June.

Participation Information

  • Post jobs during the "Call for Positions" period, which is typically by July 1
  • All approved positions will be posted starting July 1. Positions remain active for sixty (60) days or until filled, whichever happens first
  • Departments are allocated funds after their advertised positions have been filled and the hiring steps are completed
  • By submitting a job posting, you agree that you have read and understand the conditions of the FWS Program

Things to Know

  • Funding is limited. We cannot guarantee that you will receive interested applicants
  • All FWS positions will require the statement "Leadership Certificate Preferred". The Leadership Initiative (a Student Organizations and Leadership program) provides students with leadership development opportunities through campus and community engagement
  • You may not hire more students than the number of positions you advertise on Career Connection
  • The FWS program operates during the Fall and Spring semesters only. Fall graduates may not work beyond the last day of Fall finals week.  If you lose a student and need to rehire, contact the FWS Coordinator so that the position can be reposted
  • You are responsible for tracking your department's allocation as well as your student's allocation. Any hours worked by a student that exceed your allocated FWS funding or a student's FWS award must be paid 100% by your department (or division when appropriate)

Students who have been awarded FWS can gain access to FWS job postings starting July 1

  • Review resumes sent through Career Connection
  • Interview and select a candidate
    • Obtain a copy of your student's financial aid award letter to confirm award amount
  • Complete the Intent to Hire e-Form (contact the FWS Coordinator for link)
  • Do not allow students to begin working until you have received a Student Employment Confirmation email from the Student Employment Office

For more information on how to hire a student, visit the Student Employment Office

FWS timesheets are available on the Human Resources' website under Payroll forms. Timesheets should be submitted to the Payroll Office on or before the 1st of each month to avoid delays. Students can receive paper check or direct deposit. When completing the SEPTF, the hourly wage listed must align with the duties to be performed. 

The FWS award

  • The annual FWS award is $3,000 per student
  • Students may be eligible for a FWS increase.  Email the FWS Coordinator at sacstatefws@csus.edu for more information

Employer Information

  • The FWS Program contributes 70% of a student's salary and you, the employer, contribute 30%
  • Hiring one student equals a commitment from your department of $900, which is 30% of $3,000

 Additional Information

  • All FWS students must complete the FWS Hiring Instructions before they begin working
  • If you have any questions email the FWS Program at sacstatefws@csus.edu