Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
Even though our program is uniquely designed to assist students who identify as Asian American/Pacific Islander, we welcome anyone who supports the API community to participate.

What is a Learning Community?
A Learning Community is a group of courses you take which mixes Learning Skills classes as well as GE classes to satisfy graduation requirements. By participating in the Full Circle Project, you are required to sign up for one of our unique Learning Communities especially designed for our students.

Will all my classes be in the Learning Community?
No, English and math courses will not be part of your Learning Community. The math/English class you take will depend on your ELM/EPT scores.

Do I have to enroll in a Full Circle Project Learning Community if I want to be part of FCP?
In order to experience the full benefits of the program, we require all FCP students to enroll in one of our learning communities. If you wish to take a different learning community but would like to remain part of FCP, please contact us at

Will I be in a Learning Community all year long?
Simply put, yes. The FCP Learning Community is comprised of courses offered during a student’s freshman year. For more information on our schedule of courses for our Learning Community, please refer to this link.

Why Should I join FCP?
Simply put, we are dedicated to our students’ success, inside and outside the classroom. At FCP, we understand that, as AAPI students, you each have unique experiences you bring with you to college, and whatever you’re experiencing outside of your classroom affects your performance inside…and vice versa. Bottom line, our goal is to help you succeed at Sacramento State and beyond!

What Services Do You Offer?
Any type of support that you need! Whether it’s personal, academic, or career related, we have specially trained staff, counselors and advisors, as well as peer mentors to assist you through any challenges you may encounter throughout your college endeavors. Here are the services we offer if you want to learn more:

  • Opportunities for collaborative activities in and out of classes. This ranges from internships to volunteer experiences that will prove invaluable in building your resume and enhancing your college experience outside of the classroom!
  • A specially dedicated staff member to assist you with personal, academic, and career advising. To us, you’re not just another student, so we will make sure you receive whatever support you need, and your dedicated advisor will make sure of that.
  • Peer mentoring and faculty support. You’ll have faculty available to you who genuinely care about helping you. In addition, you’ll get connected with other      student peer mentors who are just as passionate to help you succeed.
  • An environment to form friendships with other students! One of the best things about college is meeting new people, and our program will put you in the best situations to do so.
  • We’ll put you in the best position to increase your competitiveness for scholarship opportunities! Who doesn’t like free money? With all the talk of budget cuts and increased tuition fees, every student could use more money to pay for school, and we will help you become more adept at earning more scholarships!