Steering Committees

Carroll, Tom; Assistant Director

  • Student Organizations and Leadership

Fabionar, James L; Professor

  • Ethnic Studies Department

Dr. Figueroa, Julie; Associate Professor

  • Ethnic Studies Department

Dr. Jez, Su Jin; Associate Director

  • Ed.D. Program, Department of Public Policy and Administration

Dr. Kim-Ju, Greg; Associate Professor

  • Psychology Department

Dr. Mark, Greg; Professor

  • Ethnic Studies Department

Munoz, Rheena

  • Administrative Support Coordinator II
  • Honors and First Year Programs

Corly, Nicki

  • Student Organizations and Leadership

Dr. Parsh, Bridget, Rn, CNS, EdD

  • Director, First Year Experience Programs
  • Associate Professor, School of Nursing

Dr. Sessoms, Deidre

  • College of Education

Shamphan, Connie

  • Research & Contract Administration, University Enterprises, INC.

Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny


Jason Sumi

  • Coordinator, First Year Experience Programs