Full Circle Project: College to Career Pathways

About Us:

The Full Circle Project: College to Career Pathways (FCP/C2C) aims to increase graduation rates for low-income and first generation Asian American and Pacific Islander and other high-need students transferring from community college to Sacramento State.  FCP/C2C builds on a solid cohort-based learning community and other high-impact education practices that are effective according to research found in the Institute of Education Sciences “What Works Clearinghouse.”  FCP/C2C is a comprehensive project that creates student momentum around strategic steps that can be implemented and assessed with achievable outcomes and will make a difference for participants in the program.  FCP/C2C is closely aligns with Sacramento State’s Graduation Initiative, our commitment to improve graduation rates and reduce the achievement gap between various racial and ethnic groups.

Our Mission:

FCP/C2C seeks to create a new campus environment that will lead AAPI and other high need transfer students beyond their first year as a transfer student at Sacramento State by helping them graduate and successfully move into the work world.  We expect students, faculty, staff, and administrators in FCP/C2C will create an infrastructure that will benefit both students and regional employers in the future.  FCP/C2C serves as a model program for our campus and other universities across the nation. 

C2C 3

The Full Circle Project College to Career (FCP/C2C) offers many services including:

  • Academic Advising
  • Career and Professional Development
  • Leadersip Development
  • Tutoring
  • Mentorsip
  • Learning Community Programming
  • Cultural Enrichment Activities
  • California Intern Network Employment opportunities

FCP/C2C Students Will Benefit From The Following:

  • Scholars connect with helpful peers and faculty
  • Improved college success outcomes
  • Increased likelihood of persisting toward their educational and career goals
  • Social support to thrive in college
  • Take classes in helpful cohort groups
  • Professional development opportunities