Asian Pacific American Mentorship Program

About Us

The Full Circle Project Asian Pacific American Mentorship Program seeks to recruit talented and engaged Sac State students to serve as peer mentors to Full Circle Project students. FCP mentors serve as role models to provide guidance and support to mentees in the areas of academic, campus, and community engagement while encouraging personal growth. Mentors also connect mentees to essential on-campus resources applicable to mentees’ needs and interests. The overall goal of the program is to increase student retention and academic success among FCP students during a pivotal time of transition in their second year of college.


2017-2018 Mentor/Mentee Group 

Program Information

Program Objectives:

  • Provide a peer mentorship opportunity to Sac State upper class students
  • Reinforce FCP campus engagement objective
  • Provide information and opportunities to connect second-year FCP students to campus resources
  • Enhance FCP students sense of belonging and community
  • Increase retention among second-year FCP students
  • Increase Leadership Initiative Certificate completion rates among second-year FCP students

Benefits of becoming a FCP Mentor:

  • Earn volunteer hours and service recognition
  • Qualify to fulfill Leadership Initiative Certificate requirements as a FCP Mentor
  • Opportunity to positively impact a fellow Sac State student's college experience as their mentor and role model
  • Engage in leadership and mentorship developing essential interpersonal skills
  • Exclusive invitations to academic, professional, and personal development events/workshops
  • Receive free food and free giveaways

FCP Mentor Eligibility Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled Sac State student
  • Must have at least 60 units of college credit completed
  • 2.5 GPA or higher (3.0+ preferred)
  • Involved in at least one student club or organization, or campus department
  • Ability to attend at least 1-2 events each month as a Circle Crew or one-on-one with mentee(s)
  • Positive attitude and willingness to help fellow students

Benefits for becoming an FCP Mentee:

  • Discover new options and opportunities
  • Receive peer to peer academic guidance
  • Learn to set goals for the future
  • Engage in leadership and mentorship developing essential interpersonal and transferrable skills
  • Exclusive invitations to academic, professional, and personal development events/workshops
  • Free Food at special events and receive free stuff

FCP Mentee Eligibility Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled as a 2nd year Full Circle Project student

Frequently Asked Questions

How are mentors and mentees matched up?

Mentors and mentees are matched upon a number of factors. However, the primary goal is to match students who have a similar academic path. We also respect requests of matching students by gender.

How are mentors chosen?

Mentors are selected based on their leadership and campus involvement. Mentors must also demonstrate academic stability.

What is the time commitment?

The FCP Program is a one-academic-year commitment. Mentors are expected to participate in the following:

Commit 10 hours per semester (at the minimum)

Where can I go if I want more information about the program?

You can visit the Full Circle Project office, Library 1000A, by Java City, adjacent to the Multicultural Center or visit

How do I become a Mentor?

Mentors are recruited at the beginning of fall semester. If you are interested, email

Do I have to be a former Mentee or an FCP Student to become a Mentor? 

No, not all of our mentors were previous mentees or FCP students.

What topics does a typical mentor-mentee session cover? 

Communication, time management, managing stress, leadership skills, career and major exploration, and networking are recommended topics.

How do I qualify to fulfill the Leadership Initiative Certificate requirements as a FCP Mentor?

Once a student completes their mentor role, they are eligible to fulfill the fourth and final certificate of the Leadership Initiative program as a FCP Mentor.