Student Testimonials 

Hear from our students about their experiences in FCP



Cheng Thao


What does Fcp mean to you:

" FCP is my family, I am surrounded by individuals that understand and support me. Whenever I enter the office, I feel like I'm home. I am always welcomed with warm greetings. Overall, FCP is a safe haven for me."

What were the benefits you have gained out of full circle project: 

" I have gained a variety of skill sets from FCP: leadership communication and net working. I also got to know members from previous cohorts as well as peer mentors. Last but not least, I have gained a valuable resources on campus strengthening me both academically and professionally. If I ever need help with my academics FCP is my go to place for answers. "

What's one advice you would want to say for future FCP generations: 

 " Engage yourself with the campus. Talk to your professors, expand your circle of friends regardless it be bilingual or not, expand your connections. In regards to courses , do what makes you happy! but at the same time also do what's right."



Khalid Shah


What does Fcp mean to you:

" Like a boat, Whenever your drowning it will come to save and take you to the main lands show you the world, and when your finally ready you can build your own boat and save another person with inspiration further giving back to full circle."

What were the benefits you have gained out of full circle project: 

" I gained alot, I never worked before FCP; something that I will always remember FCP providing me was profesional experience, as a student FCP gave me a home outside of my actual home. Even though FCP doesnt revolve around my specific major but it always connected me to the point where I can find reachable resources for myself for my Engineering major. Everything I am now is from FCP."

What's one advice you would want to say for future FCP generations: 

 "Learn to balance your life, academically, and personally. Learn to put boundaries between these aspects and not mix them all together. When your working wear your working hat and when your studying wear your academic hat. With FCP classes do your readings ahead of time or you'll procastinate. Always communicate with staff members whener you wan't resources or just to talk in general, if your having problems they'll provide you resources to work out of. Like what Dr. Mark says, " closed mouths never gets fed." Communication is the key to success."




Preet Kaur


What does Fcp mean to you:

Family, food, and friends. Making reliable connections with anyone in FCP regardless if its staff or student staff. Primarily networking connections with everyone also further building good relationship with my own peers.

What were the benefits you have gained out of full circle project: 

My first year I was nominated as the gala speaker and also nominated API fest day MC, became a student panelist for multiple events, facilitated multiple events, also I got the opportunity with FCP to go to APAHE, and most of all I got the experience working along side with Dr. Mark helping with his book about, " the life of Fijians." 

What's one advice you would want to say for future FCP generations: 

Always shoot your shot because you don't know what amzing experience you will gain from FCP. Take campus events seriously because you will take in so much benificail information and learn so much, and explore FCP has to offer. 



Jomari Fernandez


What does Fcp mean to you:

" Coming, " Full Circle," for me it means, "buo ang loob ko," in Tagalog. It is translated as fearless. I am fearless because I am an Asian American. I am fearless for I am leader. No matter how difficult life may become, FCP community taught me to "never let the society determine who [I] should become."

What were the benefits you have gained out of full cirlce project: 

From a person who became blind about fame, leadership and success, I finally can see. Fortunately for me being involved so much with FCP, I finally solved the puzzle about the identity I want to be recognized as. I don't want to just graduate, find jobs and enjoy my life in that route, but I want something beyond that, which is dedicating myself by helping others, inspiring them, and also giving them opportunities in order for them to find better within themselves. Due to FCP, I was able to pull myself out from the shadows and become an inspiration. 

What's one advice you would want to say for future FCP generations: 

I would recommend that it takes time to achieve your goals so don't rush yourself (Gervin Tauzon)." Have faith and learn to motivate yourself," (Hien Vu). Appreciate everything that you have, especially those who are willing to do anything for you," (Andrew Yang). Be yourself! You shouldn't care what others think of you. " As long as you are happy and true to yourself, that is good enough," ( See Thao). Enjoy your life, live young, because there is so much more to living as a [student]," ( Malena Her). be strong, and never let anyone define who you are." ( Martha Ancajas).