finish in four

Students who report the most satisfaction and success in college are those who are prepared at the beginning and immerse themselves along the way. Finish in Four is a mantra for incoming first-year students to do this. In accordance with the California Promise (Senate Bill 412), students who commit to Finish in Four by taking at least 30 units per year are supported and rewarded by the University in achieving this. See Get on Track for more details.

Plus: Visit the California State University’s Graduation Initiative 2025 website

Get Ready students

Get Ready

Success in college begins with being prepared. This means being ready to take college-level courses from the start. Students who are not ready spend extra time and money on remedial courses, which can derail the college experience. It adds time and expense, and can negatively impact student engagement and motivation.

Get In Students

Get In

For first-time students, applications for admission are typically accepted in October and November of the year prior to enrollment. Leave plenty of time for the admission process, and make sure that you have completed required tests and course work.

Get Involved Students

Get Involved

Being involved and connecting with other students and faculty, including participating in clubs, research, internships, and other campus activities, has been shown to positively impact a student’s success. This often results in improved grades and less time to graduation, and can even help with finding a job. There are many ways to get involved and be connected at Sac State!

Get Through Students

Get on Track

To make the most of college, start with a plan to finish in four years. Work with Academic Advising to establish a schedule with at least 15 units per semester to ensure progress toward your degree. Many campus resources are available to help students stay on track. Don’t forget to take advantage of them and make time for your studies.

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