Meet the Faculty and Staff!

Edward Mills

I love to teach the freshman seminar. Each year, my students help me remember what it is like to be a new student at Sacramento State and I help them to learn how to successfully navigate their education.


Jan Johnson


Sherry Carinci

I love teaching at Sac State because of the diversity of students and caring faculty. I think Sac State offers a safe and caring community which fosters learning, engagement and a sense of school pride.



Aja Holmes




Bridget Parsh

As a professor in Nursing, I teach NURS 21 section of First Year Seminar. Most of my students are interested in a health care career, so we spend time in the School of Nursing simulation labs in Folsom Hall.


Maggie Bedow

I teach EDUC 21. I love working with all students but particularly first year students who are so eager to learn and who teach me so much too!


Mark Montalvo

I am an alum from Sac State and I know what it's like coming to campus for the first time and not knowing many people or opportunities that are available. In my class, the quest is to have students engage with campus and form relationships with one another. 


Ayanna Yonemura

I teach students who are part of Sac State's Full Circle Project. Part of the joy teachig at Sac State is working with many first generation univserity students and playing a role in their success.