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Spring 2018 Syllabus links will be active by the end of February 2018


Students in the Gerontology program will register in GERO 130 and 131, the fieldwork courses. If you plan to enroll in an internship course, you should contact Dr. Osborne at least one semester ahead of time, if not before. Students will choose their own internship agency based on their specific needs and interests. Before meeting with Dr. Osborne, have an idea of where you would like to do your internship, and try to make contact with your chosen agency. Click here for a list of sample internship agencies in the area. This is not a comprehensive list. Please consult with Dr. Osborne if you're interested in interning with an agency that does not appear on the list.

Service Learning Project Presentations

At the end of each semester, students completing GERO 131 present their Service Learning Projects to their peers, faculty and members of the community. Click here to see synopses of recent Service Learning Projects.


All Gerontology students (majors, minors, certificate and special masters) should be enrolled in the Gerontology Student Information Center in Sac CT. Even if you do not have any other SacCT courses, be sure to check SacCT frequently. SacCT serves as the primary mode of communication between GERO students and Program. We will post announcements and send important emails frequently. For instructions about how to enroll in the SacCT Gerontology Student Information Center, and how to set up SacCT email forwarding, see the SacCT flyer.


All Gerontology students (majors, minors and graduate students) are expected to see Dr. Osborne at least once per semester for advising and course planning.  Please see our Advising Policy for guidelines.

4 Year Graduation Plan

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