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CSUS and Gerontology Related Scholarships

You may apply for any or all of the following scholarships by filling out an application, which is available on the scholarship section of the Financial Aid webpage. Applications are available mid-January, and are due by March 15th of each year.

  • Renaissance Society Gerontology Scholarship: Awarded yearly based on the applicant's personal letter.
  • Patricia Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund: Based on registration fees, recipients must be a junior or senior with a GPA of at least 2.5. Preference is given to those with nursing background and gerontology volunteer service.
  • Osborne-Stearns Scholarship: Based on GPA of at least 3.0 in the last 45 units and the applicant's personal letter. Open to students with junior or senior status, with consideration given first to full time students.
    If you would like to contribute to this scholarship, please contact the Gerontology Program.
  • BEL Scholarship 2010-2011: $5,000 award for undergraduates from a single parent household. Based on application, letter of recommendation, and two-page letter discussing the importance of community service. Community service required during award year.

Other Sacramento State Scholarship Resources:

Off-campus Scholarship Opportunities:

For financial aid resources, visit the Sacramento State Financial Aid website.

Scholarship and Award Winners

The Gerontology Program wishes to recognize those students who have recently won scholarships or awards, or who have achieved other significant academic accomplishments. Please congratulate your fellow students when you see them!

If you have recently won an award or scholarship, please let us know! Program faculty and staff are not always kept informed of students' accomplishments!

  • 2012 Hearst Award
    Katrina Currie
  • Spring 2012 Osborne-Stearns Scholarship
    Chantel Mattson
  • 2010-2011 Dean's Honor List
    Fleurleign-Gem Abucay
    Michelle Baldugo
    Marie Bischoff
    Arch Buff
    Stefanie Bullock
    Kerry Burton
    Damian Camacho
    Nancy Chea
    Alyssa Coates
    Katrina Currie
    Josh Mabie
    Chantel Mattson
    Chandell Norman
    Jennifer Phung
    Xuo Saeyang
    Megan Sawyer
    Vita Shtevnin
    Jennifer Thao
    Alexa Vu
    Lauren Yamashita
    Sarah Zickefoose