Faculty Student Mentor Program

Gerontology Internship

The Faculty Student Mentor Program (FSMP) is one of several educational equity programs designed to provide students with the academic support and encouragement needed to accomplish their educational goals. The Faculty Student Mentor Program is designed to offer academic and personal support to students from traditionally low-income communities. Please visit the campus website here.

Click here to view the Student Ambassador PowerPoint presentation.

In 2008, Student Ambassadors Nancy Murrish and Jennifer Silmaro began working to put together an informative presentation about Gerontology and how the study of aging can be incorporated into a variety of educational interests and career goals. In 2009, Jennifer and a new Ambassador, Kate Madaus, took the presentation "on the road," presenting to various groups on the Sacramento State campus, at community colleges, etc. In 2011 Diane Walsh updated the presentation, and spoke to classes and groups on and off campus throughout the Spring semester.

Gerontology Presentation Video
Featuring Jen Silmaro, Kate Madaus and Jessica Coppola.
Filmed at Sacramento City College in 2009, but applicable to anyone currently interested in Gerontology.