Graduate Certificate* in Gerontology

Senior Runner

*Certificate Program is currently suspended

The Certificate consists of 18 units of coursework as follows:

NOTE: These courses are the same courses required for the Gerontology portion of the Special Masters.

Required Courses: 18 units 

(3 units) GERO 200 Adaptation to Age Related Changes
(3 units) GERO 221 Models for Successful Longevity
(3 units) GERO 222 Managing Disorders in Elders 
(3 units) GERO 295 Internship/Project
(3 units) GERO 101 Elder Care Continuum Services & Strategies
(3 units) GERO 102 Social Policy for an Aging Society  
             GERO 103 Applied Care Mgmt in Gerontology Practice
(1-3 units) GERO 299 Special Problems**

This course is optional, and is for students interested in advanced, independent study in a particular area.