Opening the Gift of Possibility

Introducing the new Sac State Fund

Every student makes choices: to make an impact, to forge new connections, to do it their way – to do it at Sacramento State.

Here, students choose their path where what they experience helps them define their place in a world that is moving faster than ever. At Sac State we strive to remove the barriers that limit the possible, ensuring potential is nurtured and grown, thought is stimulated, and curiosity encouraged.

We’re here to teach our students that their challenges are our challenges, and the greater the challenge, the greater the possibility. Together, we can help illuminate their path and give them the gift of a lifetime - the gift of possibility. 


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Choose your cause and unite with the Sac State Fund

Our comprehensive reach has one single focus - students first. When you contribute towards your passion, whether a college, department, cause, or student service program, you are providing opportunity and making a lasting impact on our students. Every gift in support of a current use fund is a gift to the Sac State Fund.

Every gift makes a difference and, collectively, we will help our students transform lives and communities. Unite your cause with the Sac State Fund.



Introducing Give Sac State Day - April 26, 2019

Give Sac State Day is a 36-hour online fundraiser that aims to connect our supporters, like YOU, to the causes that they value most. Whether you stand behind higher education, health and wellness, closing equity gaps, all of the above, and so much more, you can be #allinforSacState by making a gift on Give Sac State Day. Every gift - no matter the amount - has the same power. Your choice has impact. Your voice has influence. Discover the power of you by making a gift - or become an ambassador and help us spread the word.

For more information on Give Sac State Day or to sign up to become an ambassador, please go to Or if you would like to make an advance commitment to Give Sac State Day, please print, complete, and mail in the Give Sac State Day giving form found here.

For a printable postcard, please click here.


Sac State Fund FAQ

What is new about the SAC STATE FUND?

Previously, SAC STATE FUND referred to one specific fund that provided unrestricted support to the University. Donations to the Sac State Fund were used for the greatest needs of the University. Now, SAC STATE FUND is the umbrella name over all current-use funds at Sacramento State. Donors who give to any current use fund are considered donors to the Sac State Fund.

Why change the SAC STATE FUND?

By uniting all current-use funds under the umbrella of the Sac State Fund, we will be able to provide donors with greater flexibility and increased opportunities to provide support for the programs and departments about which they are more passionate. We will also be able to provide donors with an enhanced and consistent donor experience and recognize the importance of all gifts that support the programs and operations of Sacramento State. The new Sac State Fund provides an opportunity to unite all donors in the common cause of providing our students with a meaningful educational experience that will transform lives and our community.

What are the benefits of donating to the new SAC STATE FUND?

Donors to the new Sac State Fund can expect an enhanced donor experience including: more frequent communications, invitations to campus events, updates on donor impact, a stronger connection to the great work of our students and faculty, and an understanding of the collective impact of the Sac State Fund on the University and the community.

I previously supported the SAC STATE FUND. How can I continue to make unrestricted gifts to the University and support its greatest needs?

You can make a gift to the Sac State Greatest Needs Fund, which is an unrestricted fund to be used at the University’s discretion. Gifts to the Sac State Greatest Needs Fund play an important role as they provide the University with the flexibility to use the funds for the University’s highest priorities.

Where does my gift to the SAC STATE FUND go?

Simply stated, your gift is used where you designate it to be used.

Private support to Sacramento State and the Sac State Fund is given through The University Foundation at Sacramento State, which serves as the primary philanthropic auxiliary for the University, actively supporting the mission of teaching, learning and service by acquiring and managing financial and other resources for the University. Gifts made to the University Foundation at Sacramento State for the benefit of the University are voluntary investments from individuals, corporations and philanthropic foundations and are deposited through a 501(c)(3) organization. The University Foundation, through its exercise of trust and fiduciary responsibility, gives donors additional confidence that their gifts will be used in accordance with their wishes and to enhance programs rather than replace state support.

How is my gift used?

Gifts to the Sac State Fund are used to support students, University programs and faculty. Donors can designate a destination for their gift, or give to programs like the Sac State Greatest Needs Fund, the President’s Circle or the Dean’s Circle, in which funds are used to meet the University’s and specified Colleges’ most pressing needs. Gifts designated to a specific College, Department or program will go to the specific fund supporting that program or area. Gifts must always be used in accordance with a donor's wishes and may not be reallocated to other programs without prior consent of the donor.

Are My Gifts Deductible — and What Is Sac State's Tax ID Number?

Gifts to the Sac State Fund are made to the University Foundation at Sacramento State, a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts in support of the University’s mission, goals and programs are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult with your tax attorney or financial advisor to determine if your gift is tax-deductible.

The federal tax identification number for the University Foundation at Sacramento State is 94-3001359.

Will I receive a tax receipt letter for my gift?

Yes. After we process your transaction, whether your gift was made via mail, phone, online or in person, we will mail you an official tax receipt letter for your records.

Where can I find more information?
For more information on giving to the Sac State Fund, contact the Annual Giving Office at (916) 278-2140 or

How can I make a gift to the Sac State Fund?

Checks can be made payable and mailed to:

The University Foundation at Sacramento State
Attn: Development Office
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6030

Please note the fund or program name in the memo area of the check. 

You can make an online gift here, and choose the program or fund of your choice. If you do not see the fund you wish to contribute to, select “Other” as the Designation, and fill in the fund/program name of your choice.

How can I add Give Sac State Day to my Outlook Calendar?

Click here to open Outlook invitation for Give Sac State Day on April 26, 2019.


For more information on the Sac State Fund:

Erica Kobbe
Senior Annual Giving Officer
(916) 278-2140 


Give Sac State Day Outlook Invitation:

Click here to open Outlook invitation for Give Sac State Day on April 26, 2019.