Event Center fans are feeling the power

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he buzz is building for a new Event Center at Sac State. Supporters have raised more than $975,000 for the new facility through The Power of 1,000 Hornets crowdfunding campaign.

The fundraising effort, which aims to raise $1 million in seed money for the center with pledges from Hornet friends and fans, gained early momentum with a $750,000 gift commitment from philanthropist Ernest Tschannen. Since then, interest in the much-needed facility continues to attract backers. As incentive, the first 1,000 benefactors to complete a $1,140 pledge will be recognized with signage in the new building.

The success of Power of 1,000 Hornets points to the need for a modern multi-use entertainment space on campus. Sac State’s Event Center will provide a mid-size venue for lectures, concerts, ceremonies and athletics events that will increase the University’s connection to the greater Sacramento community.

Feel the power and “join the swarm.” To make your pledge to the Event Center, visit SacStateAlumni.com/1000Hornets or return the envelope in the center of this issue of Torchlight.

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