Faculty Activities

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Student Activities

Students from Government 138 (Model UN Simulation) participated in the National Model United Nations Conference in New York over Spring Break and received the following awards for their work at the conference:

Distinguished Delegation Award 

Third World Network: Trevor Merris-Coots, Thomas Ayotte, Hamed Hafezy

Honorable Mention Delegation Award

Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)Wyatt Mince, Johnnie Pina, Lauren McCutcheon, Malissa Kekaku, Zohra Mir, Sedina Sinanovic, Noel Mora, Vanessa La Londe, Deja Crozier, Sydney Sloan

Outstanding Position Paper Awards

ECOSOC (AWID)Wyatt Mince and Johnnie Pina

UN-Habitat (AWID)Sydney Sloan and Deja Crozier

Best Delegates in Committee Awards

CSW (AWID): Lauren McCutcheon and Malissa Kekaku

UN-Habitiat (AWID): Sydney Sloan and Deja Crozier

Model UN-Spring 2017