Political Science Department Internships

The internships in government and politics offered through the Political Science Department create opportunities for upper division and graduate students at CSUS to gain direct experience working in state legislative offices, with lobbying groups, in state executive agencies and at various locations in city and county government.

This experience provides valuable "active learning" to supplement academic classes in government and politics. Moreover, it is an especially useful way to network and explore career possibilities in government. Each year several students move from internships into full-time employment in various sites in state government and elsewhere.

The Political Science Department Internship Program (POLS 195A)

Students interested in internships can earn 1-6 units of credit through the Political Science Department Internship Program by enrolling in POLS 195A. The course is offered every fall, spring, and summer. Click here for more information.

Sacramento Semester

The prestigious Sacramento Semester program offers a unique 12-unit internship experience every spring semester. Open to students from the entire CSU, the experience combines 6 units of internship with 6 units of related academic seminars. Click here for more information.

The Washington D.C. Internship

CSU Sacramento is affiliated with the Washington Center, a non-profit educational organization in Washington, D.C. through which students can do an internship and earn 12 units of credit.