The Odyssey Mentor Program

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The Odyssey Mentor Program, created by the Political Science Department at California State University Sacramento, is a uniquely designed peer-to-peer mentoring program. This program began during the Fall of 2008 and is available to all Government Students. The Odyssey Mentor Program is funded by the Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC).

The purpose of the mentoring program is to integrate students into campus life, and to facilitate students during their time at CSUS. We believe that government students will be more successful if they are able to take advantage of every opportunity the university has to offer them. Through weekly interactions between the mentors and students, as well as group activities, and alumni-student interactions, government students will begin to be able to access resources that will positively impact their academic and social experiences at CSUS.

The mentoring program is applicable for students seeking academic help as well as students wishing to become more involved in campus life. Each mentor-student relationship will be distinctive to the needs of the student being mentored. There will also be mentoring opportunities available to the mentors through our partnership with the Political Science Alumni Chapter's Alumni Mentoring Program.

Any issues or concerns should be reported to either the faculty advisor, Dr. Nancy Lapp, at