Careers for Political Science Majors

Students with a Political Science major enter careers in government at the local, state or federal level, urban planning, political campaigns, or policy-related fields of all kinds. Some of our students work in the political process, including the burgeoning campaign field, public or private interest groups, or for lobbying organizations. Others go into teaching at all levels, journalism, business, and of course Political Science is a popular major for students interested in pursuing legal careers. For more information on the general field of political science/government, click here.  Additionally, career information can also be found on the American Political Science Association's website by clicking here

Career Center

Students can also visit the Career Center not only for job and internship postings, but for other career related services as well. 

  • SSIS Career Center-For information about the specific services offered by the Career Center.
  • Career Center Listserves-Students can sign up to receive valuable information on internships, careers in government, part-time and full-time positions, volunteer opportunities and Career Center programs and services.