Student Forms 

Add/Drop Forms

Add/Drop/Withdrawal Petition-Used to add classes once instruction begins when unable to add using your MySacState. 

GOVT 199 Add Permit-Requires permission from faculty sponsor and Department Chair.

GOVT 299-Requires permission from faculty sponsor and Graduate Coordinator.

GOVT 500-Must file Advancement to Candidacy form prior to enrolling in Culminating Experience

Advising Forms

These forms can be used to plan out course selections in consultation with a major advisor.

Government Major Degree Requirements and Advising Form

International Relations Concentration Degree Requirements and Advising Form

Government/Journalism Advising Form

Government Minor Advising Form

Change of Advisor Request Form


The below are suggested course plans for students to meet both major and general education requirements. 

Government Major (4 Year Plan)  Government Major (Transfer Plan)

Government-IR Concentration (4 Year Plan)  Government-IR Concentration (Transfer Plan)

Government/Journalism Major (4 Year Plan)  Government/Journalism Major (Transfer Plan)

University Forms for Undergraduate Students

Declaration/Change of Major

Declaration/Change of Minor

Major/Minor Course Substitution

Clicking here will direct you to many other commonly-used University forms.

Graduate Forms

The following links will direct you to the Office of Graduate Studies Forms page, where these forms can be accessed, along with many others.  For questions about any of these forms, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at (916) 278-6470.

Classification Application-Used to either change major/concentration or classification status.

Master's Advancement to Candidacy-Must be filed to indicate your proposed program of study no later than the semester before you enroll in the Culminating Experience (GOVT 500) course. 

Petition for Exception-Used to request a change in your proposed program (e.g.: course substitutions, switching from Thesis to exam, etc.)

Graduation Application-Must be filed to apply for graduation the semester before your planned graduation date. Students attending Commencement should also sign-up for the ceremony through the College's website.

Continuous Enrollment-Used to maintain enrollment once all coursework, including GOVT 500 has been finished but your Thesis or Exam need to be completed.

Petition for Currency-Used to request course inclusion in program once time limit for completing the degree has expired.