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Grants & Awards Deadline

Graduate Equity Fellowship – Deadline Closed

Northern CA Forum (University of Pacific) - Deadline Closed

GRE Preparation 

GRE Word of the Day:

GRE Word of the Day: Blithe- joyful, cheerful, or without appropriate though

GRE Prep Workshop Dates

Vocabulary- June 11 & 12

Math- June 19, 20, & 21

Writing- July 9 & 10

Practice Test- July 16

For a more comprehensive list of dates and times click here.


GRE Prep Resources

ETS.org - Official GRE website - FREE

Magoosh - Online and App - Free 7 day trial

For vocabulary assistance check out Vocabulary.com

For pronunciation assistance check out The Free Dictionary

Free GRE Prep Workshops

The Graduate Diversity Program at Sacramento State will be holding GRE Prep Workshops beginning in June. If you would like to see the schedule click here. If you are interested contact the Graduate Diversity office at (916) 278-3834 or via email at msp-02@csus.edu to reserve a spot.

Welcome to the Graduate Diversity Program 

The Graduate Diversity Program at Sacramento State offers many great programs and opportunities. We are committed to expanding the student diversity in graduate education by providing academic opportunities to disadvantaged and underrepresented students. We assist students in several ways including financial, academic and community support.  To the left you will find links to various resources and information about the Graduate Diversity Program at Sacramento State. Let your dreams begin here!


New  Graduate Preparation Academy (GPA)

The Graduate Preparation Academy (GPA) is designed to prepare undergraduate students for admission and study at the graduate level. For more information click here.