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I Want to Apply

I want to apply to graduate School. What should I do?

Go to to submit an online application. Admission to CSUS involves a two part process. First, you must meet the minimum requirements for admission to CSUS as a post-baccalaureate or graduate student.

  • An acceptable baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  • A minimum GPA that meets the requirements of the program to which you are applying. Please visit the Graduate Programs page for department-specific GPA requirements.

In addition, you must gain admission into a specific program. Please contact the department office of the program to which you are interested in applying for specific admission requirements.

I’m having trouble with the online application process. Who can I call for help?

You may call 1 (857) 304-2087 for technical assistance.

Do I need to enter all of the courses I have taken on my application?

No.  While you are required to list all colleges/universities attended, you do not need to list each course that you have taken.

Do I need to list all of the colleges/universities I have attended on my application?

Yes. You need to list every college/uniersity you have attended, even if only for one class.  Please note that you will also need to submit an official transcript from each of these schools to the Office of Graduate Studies.

The payment screen is blank. What should I do?

If the payment screen is blank, please try refreshing your browser and the payment information should appear.  If you continue to have issues viewing the payment info, please call 1 (857) 304-2087 for technical assistance.

I want to go to graduate school but I don’t know which program to apply for. Who can I speak to for advising?

All of the academic advising for graduate students is done at the department level. Once an area of interest has been established, that particular area will be responsible for all advising. Please contact your department for any questions about prerequisites or transfer credit. Procedural questions can usually be answered on a first come first serve basis in the Office of Graduate Studies in River Front Center room 215 or by calling (916) 278-6470 between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm any business day.

Do I have to take the GRE, GMAT or MAT? When should I take it?

While the Office of Graduate Studies does not require test scores*, some departments do require them as part of their supplemental application. Please check with your department for more information.

(*Students who earned their degree outside the U.S. at a university where English was not the language of instruction do need to submit English Language Proficiency test scores - TOEFL, IELTS, etc.).

I am a domestic student who earned my undergraduate degree or attended a university outside the United States. What kind of documents do I need to submit to be considered for admission?

Applicants with international transcripts should review our submission criteria in order to ensure that the application packet is complete. See More info here.

What is a Special Major?

A Special Major for either a Master of Arts or Master of Science degree provides an alternative for those individuals whose special needs and interests cannot adequately be met by any single existing or planned master’s degree program. A student who wishes to undertake such a program should obtain an information sheet and application from the Office of Graduate Studies.

Do I need letters of reference to gain admission to a program?

Please inquire with your department to determine if you need to provide letters of reference for program admission consideration. The Office of Graduate Studies does not require letters of reference for your university application.


The program I am applying to requires me to submit supplemental documents. How do I submit these?

Please inquire with your department to determine how they would like you to submit supplemental documents.  Some departments will allow electronic submissions, either through your MySacState Portal or via email, but others require hard copies to be sent to their office.

What is Open University? How many units can I transfer from Open University into a master's degree?

The College of Continuing Education offers courses through Open University to students not regularly matriculated or admitted to CSUS and who are not maintaining continuous enrollment status. Therefore, classified graduate students are not permitted to take courses through Open University.

Students using Open University to explore graduate school options and later make a decision to apply to CSUS for graduate studies should be aware that only six units earned prior to classification can be applied toward a subsequent master’s degree program. Units are also subject to departmental approval.

I'd like to start my program during the summer. When should I apply?

Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at (916) 278-6470 for inquiries about beginning a program during the summer.

I want to apply as a second BA. What do I need to do?

Second bachelor’s degrees are administered through the Admission and Records department. Please call (916) 278-3901 for application procedures.

I Have Applied

How long does it take to process my application?

Once applications are complete, processing time averages 6-8 weeks but varies depending on how long the department takes to make a decision. Please contact your individual department for more information on their requirements for admission. This process will be expedited if official transcripts are submitted with the university admission application.

The Office of Graduate Studies gathers the necessary documents to create each student’s permanent record and verifies that the student has a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and meets minimum GPA requirements. An application from a candidate who meets those university requirements are then forwarded to the department for their consideration. Once a decision is made and the Office of Graduate Studies is notified, admission or denial letters are mailed to the students.

I applied to the department; do I still need to apply to the university?

Yes, the application process at Sac State consists of two tiers. In addition to applying to a specific department, you must also submit a university application to the Office of Graduate Studies in order to be considered for admission.

Do I have to submit official transcripts from all the institutions I have attended?

Yes, transcripts are required from all institutions of higher education that you have attended, including institutions outside of the U.S. However, CSUS transcripts are not required. Applications that lack transcripts will be considered incomplete and will be denied.

Do I need to send two official transcripts? Do you take copies? What if I graduated from CSUS with my undergraduate degree?

An official transcript sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies is always required.  Some departments also require one to be sent to them as part of their supplemental application, so please check with your department for information.  For a transcript to be considered official, it needs to arrive to our office in the original sealed envelope from your college/university.  Photocopies or opened transcripts are not acceptable.

Students who completed (or are in the process of completing) their bachelor’s degree at CSU Sacramento and have not taken any other coursework elsewhere since they graduated are not required to submit transcripts with their university application.

Do I need transcripts from my junior college if the classes I took appear on the transcript where I earned my bachelor’s degree? What if I am just doing a credential program?

Yes. Individual transcripts from each university, college, junior college or community college attended are required by the university to complete your graduate application. Transfer credits from one institution that appear on the transcript of another institution may not be substituted for an individual official transcript.

Where should I mail my transcripts? Can I submit them in person?

Submit Transcripts to the following address:

California State University, Sacramento
Office of Graduate Studies
Riverfront Center 215
6000 J St
Sacramento, CA 95819-6112

Please be sure to include the entire 9 digit zip code when sending documents to different university departments. Not including the last 4 digits of the zip code (6112) is the most common reason transcripts do not arrive in a timely manner. You may submit official transcripts sealed in the issuing institution’s envelope in person. Transcripts that have been opened will not be accepted.

Where do I send GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS scores?

GRE and GMAT score reports should be sent to the department that you intend to apply to. The CSUS Institution code is 4671; please refer to the GRE Bulletin for the department codes.

TOEFL and/or IELTS score reports should be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies. Use may use the CSUS Institution code, 4671.

I took graduate level course while I was an undergraduate. Can I transfer that course into my master's program? Are there any forms required?

Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at (916) 278-6470 for information.

Current Students

Is the class schedule online? Where can I view semester course schedules online?

Yes, use this link to connect to the current class schedules:

What is the cost of a class schedule and can I have one mailed to me?

Printed class schedules are no longer available. Please view the online class schedule at

How do students at CSU Sacramento register for classes?

Newly admitted students and current students use My Sac State to register for classes. New students need to register for a SacLink account in order to access My Sac State.

Who can I call if I am having problems with My Sac State?

Please call the Help line: (916) 278-7337.

When should I get a Student Identification Card (One Card)?

After you have been admitted, new students may obtain a One Card beginning the 1st week of August during fall semester and the 1st week of January during spring semester. You must pay your tuition fees first before obtaining a One Card.

What services are available for One Card users (Why should I get one)?

This card is required for checking out books from the library. Additional information about the One Card can be found here:

Do you offer career counseling services?

Yes, Sacramento State offers career counseling to students at the Career Center

Financial Info

What is the cost of attending Graduate School?

Fees are subject to change. Current fees  can be found on the Bursar's Office website:

Is financial assistance available?

Application fee waivers are no longer available for graduate applicants.

Please visit our Financial Opportunities section for information on a variety of resources available to help finance your graduate program.  The Financial Aid Office also has information on Federal and State grants and loans. Graduate Assistant and Teaching Associate positions may be available through individual departments or the Career Center. You may also want to visit fastWEB for custom scholarship opportunities.

I have been admitted as a "conditionally classified" student. Does this affect the amount of financial aid that I am eligible to receive?

Conditionally classified graduate students who enroll in less than 4 units of 200-level coursework per semester are only eligible for financial aid at the UNDERGRADUATE level ($10,500 annual maximum). In order to be eligible for financial aid at the GRADUATE level ($18,500 annual maximum), conditionally classified graduate students must enroll in 4 or more units of 200-level coursework per semester. These conditions apply until the requirements to become a fully classified graduate student have been satisfied.

What scholarships do you offer?

Please use the following link to access the Financial Aid office scholarship information . You may also view additional financial opportunities for Graduate Students on our Financial Opportunities page.

Campus Info

Does the library offer orientation tours?

Yes, use this link to take a virtual tour: For self-guided or guided tours, please call the circulation desk at: (916) 278-6708.

How do I get a Saclink account?

Individual accounts may be requested by admitted or currently enrolled students, faculty (current and emeritus), and staff (current and retired) by accessing the SacLink registration Web page. Student applicants are eligible for limited accounts--see web site for more information.

Where is my class going to be (campus map)?

This link enables you to view a campus map:

Where can I get a campus tour?

This link describes the campus tour process and allows you to sign up for a tour:

Where can I find information on parking?

Weekly and semester parking permits are available for purchase by showing a valid CSU Sacramento One Card at the Bursar's Ofiice (formerly Student Financial Services Center) in Lassen Hall or the UTAPS office in Foley Hall. These locations accept cash, personal check, Visa, MasterCard, and CSU Sacramento One Card as valid forms of payment. Student semester parking permits are also available online through UTAPS Online Services. Parking permits ordered online are mailed to students approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester. Daily parking permits are available from a daily parking permit machine or at the UTAPS office. Use this link for more information

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