Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC)

About the AIRC

With a wide variety of computer lab and study areas, the Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC) building is accessible at almost any time of the day or week, making it easier than ever for students to have access to the technology tools they need to succeed.

The ARC, as the AIRC Building next to the Union is affectionately called, has many advantages for students. All in one place, students can find individual or group work and study areas, the IRT Service Desk, multiple computer labs, the new Student Technology Center, ubiquitous wireless access, the Honors Center, and technology assisted classrooms.

All four floors of the AIRC building boast comfortable and functional seating arrangements in open study areas that run the length of the building. These areas are replete with ergonomic furniture, white erase boards, power outlets and ubiquitous wireless access. The contemporary yet elegant design, with plenty of natural light, provides a calm environment, conducive to contemplative study, productive teamwork or simple relaxation between classes.

Students have 24 x 6 access to the general university computer lab in AIRC 2004 (it’s closed for maintenance every Friday night only), which boasts an impressive 104 student use computers, two high capacity black and white printers, a color printer and a black and white scanner, all with easy OneCard access. This is one of the most widely used labs on campus, as anyone who has visited can attest! So popular is the lab, we encourage you to check availability ahead of time through our LabStats reporting tool at A significant benefit to this application is the access to lab usage statistics campus-wide.

In the event that a student has difficulty using any aspect of technology while in the building, the newly remodeled Student Help Desk is clearly marked and conveniently located just outside the second floor lab to provide prompt assistance. The new invitingly open floor plan is fully staffed with both student assistants and regular staff ready to check students in and help them with problem resolution. Students can also participate in the Laptop Loan program here, checking out laptops for up to four hours for use anywhere on campus!

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