Transcript Deadlines

Final Transcript Deadline

Letters will be sent out to students who have not submitted their final transcript, showing the awarding of their degree. For your convenience, this information is also listed below (Fall 2018 deadline will be added, once available, but should be sometime in July or August).

In order to complete your admission file at California State University, Sacramento, the Office of Graduate Studies must receive the following no later than << Fall 2018 Deadline >>:

  • Students admitted to a Credential, Master’s or the Physical Therapy Program, please submit your official baccalaureate degree conferral transcript.
  • Students admitted to the Education Doctorate or the Joint Public History Ph.D. Program, please submit your official master’s degree conferral transcript.

If you are completing your bachelor’s or master’s degree this summer we must receive a Degree Verification from your university’s Office of Registrar by the << Fall 2018 Deadline >> deadline.

Please note that your degree conferral/award date must be prior to << Fall 2018 Semester Start Date >>. Participation or completion of course(s) date is not the same as a conferral/award date.

Your admission to the university will be rescinded if an Official Transcript with the conferral date of the Baccalaureate or Master’s Degree is not submitted to our office by the << Fall 2018 Deadline >> deadline. A Financial Aid Hold will be place on your record and will only be removed when our office receives your final transcript with the conferral of your baccalaureate degree. If you have applied for and are eligible for financial aid, you will be responsible for tuition and fees payments if the financial aid hold is not removed. Additionally, a registration and transcript hold will be placed on your record, and you will not be eligible to register for future terms if your official degree conferral transcript is not received by the << Fall 2018 Deadline >> deadline.