Continuous Enrollment

Classified graduate students normally retain rights to the catalog under which they were classified providing they retain continuous enrollment as defined by the University. Students not maintaining continuous enrollment lose classified graduate standing and will therefore be required to apply for readmission. Such students may be held for additional program or degree requirements which are current at the time of readmission.

Students who have been advanced to candidacy and who have completed all coursework can maintain the required active degree program status without additional University registration by submitting a Continuous Enrollment Form and paying a 'Continuous Enrollment' fee through CCE.* There are no units associated with this enrollment. Continuous enrollment is only valid for as long as the student is within the time period allowed for the completion of the culminating experience requirement. For example, students completing a thesis or project are allowed a maximum of three academic year semesters past the semester of first registration for the culminating requirement units to be completed. If not otherwise actively registered, the student must enroll in 'Continuous Enrollment' each of the three semesters beyond the initial university enrollment for culminating requirement units.

Students who do not finish the thesis or project within the semester of original enrollment will receive a grade of Report in Progress (RP) in their thesis course. Provided adequate progress has been made the following three semesters and continuous enrollment is maintained, the 'RP' grade will stand until the thesis or project is completed. If the student does not complete the culminating experience within the 4 semester time limit, he or she will receive a No Credit (N/C) grade for these units. Such students are then required to re enroll in the culminating requirement units before continuing their programs.

*Please note that some departments require their students to enroll in the culminating requirement units each semester that they are working on the thesis or project, rather than allowing them to enroll in 'Continuous Enrollment'. This is at the department's discretion.

Effective Fall 2011 Continuous Enrollment Fee:

$281 for Master's Degree
$438 for Ed.S. and Doctorate Degree
Late fee: $25 (if submitted after the deadline: September 10 for Fall; February 10 for Spring)

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