Degree Posting Timeline

Thesis/Project/Dissertation Final Approval

When a student submits his/her final and approved Thesis/Project/Dissertation to the Office of Graduate Studies, it is reviewed for general formatting and consistency.   If any mistakes are found, the student will be given time to make corrections even if it is submitted on the deadline day.   During high volume submission periods waiting periods for review time may be extended.   Check the Office of Graduate Studies website for thesis project/dissertation submissions dates and times.   Please note there are periods of time when degree evaluators are unavailable for thesis/project/dissertation submission.

Thesis/Project/Dissertation approval will be communicated to the student via the My Sac State account.   Credit will be posted after the official last day of the semester.   The official last day of the semester\final day for faculty grade submission can be found in the university catalog or website.

Degree Posting (10 - 12 weeks)

Posting of degrees begins on the official last day of the semester and is completed within 10 - 12 weeks.

During this time, Degree Evaluators will be checking each student’s Advancement to Candidacy file to ensure that all of the courses approved by the department were completed.


  • Any changes to the Advancement require a completed Petition for Exception with department approval.   The form may be found on our Forms page.
  • Students who have not yet completed an Application for Graduation and paid the necessary fees are required to do so before their degrees can be posted to their transcripts.
  • Students must be a currently enrolled and matriculated student during the term in which they wish to graduate.

Ordering Official Transcripts

Once the degree has been posted, official transcripts can be ordered from the Registrar’s office.  The official transcript is considered the legal document stating that all degree requirements have been met.   To order transcripts, please call (916) 278-5507 or print out a request form from the Registrar's website.

What is a ‘RP’?   A “grade” of RP (Report in Progress) is assigned to your culminating experience or dissertation coursework at the end of the semester and is changed to “CR” (Credit) during the 8 – 10 week degree posting period described above.

Tip: It is recommended that students ordering official transcripts during the degree posting period request that transcripts not be mailed until the degree has posted.

Diplomas (4 – 6 months)

Diplomas, considered the ceremonial document, are mailed to students approximately 4 – 6 months after the official last day of the semester (see above).


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