Graduate Student Advisory Council

General Information

The Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) represents university graduate students and serves as the student advisory group to the Dean and ASI Director of Graduate Studies. GSAC’s function is to encourage involvement with the University and the advancement of graduate and professional studies. GSAC will also serve as a conduit for information between the university graduate administration, the ASI Director, and graduate students, as well as, assisting the Dean in advocating and supporting graduate education on campus. GSAC will be comprised of one representative from each academic department and meet twice a semester to discuss relevant opportunities, policies, and other information.

In April, each academic department selects one graduate student to represent the department during the next academic year. The department will have its own method of appointing or electing its representative to the GSAC. The Dean and ASI Director will hold an orientation session for the incoming GSAC representatives before the end of each spring term.

Responsibilities of GSAC Members:

  • Attend the orientation session held in the spring term prior to service on the group.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled GSAC committee meetings.
  • Assist the ASI Director in providing a voice of graduate students to the university faculty and administration.
  • Serve as an advisory body to the Dean on the advancement of graduate and professional studies.
  • Represent the interests of the graduate and professional students in their department.
  • Inform students in their department of all activities, deadlines, and information presented at the GSAC meetings.
  • Notify the ASI Director, the department’s graduate coordinator and/or the Graduate Dean’s Office if he/she is unable to complete the term.