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Registration Helpline (916) 278 - 8088

Available Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm

University Help Desk (916) 278 - 7337

My Sac State is the electronic registration system at Sacramento State. You can access your own personal self-service Student Center by logging onto My Sac State. On My Sac State there are many features including registration, wait listing, fee payment, financial aid status, and holds.

  • Step One: Log into the Student Center to find your registration appointment. Before your registration appointment, you need to clear any holds or outstanding fees due from a current or prior semester. Continuing students register first so make sure you are good to go before you register. Registration fees will not be due until after you enroll in classes.
  • Step Two: The next phase of registration is for new transfer or freshmen to register for classes at orientation. During this time, continuing students may resume adding, dropping or swapping classes. You may also be added to a class you have wait listed. During this time, fee payment will most likely be due for continuing students who registered earlier so be sure and pay your fees.
  • Step Three: The final phase of registration is called Late Registration and Change of Schedule. It begins three weeks before the semester begins and continues through the second week of the semester.

Your Registration Day and time are scheduled in accordance with University priority policy in this order: disabled students, retention programs, graduating seniors, seniors, classified graduates, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and unclassified graduates. Within each class level, students are scheduled according to total units completed.

  1. Obtain academic advising from your major department.
    (Undeclared students: see Academic Advising in LSN-1012.) Do not delay, since some departments have mandatory advising requirements, and they may block your registration if you do not comply.
  2. If your My Sac State Student Center shows any holds, clear them immediately. Do not incur any new ones before your Registration Appointment!
  3. Decide on the courses in which you want to enroll. Identify several alternate courses in case the ones you prefer are already full. Remember, the class search shows real time class information. You will be immediately enrolled if there is a seat for you in the class, so you may not need your alternate selection. If the section you request is full or cancelled, you may choose to Wait list the class if that option is available. For more information on wait lists refer to the Definitions sections.

Pay attention to class notes describing course prerequisites, session dates, etc. Note especially class notes 4 and 15, which mark distance education courses having special technology requirements.


Enrollment in these units is by department permission only. Students wishing to enroll in Culminating Requirement Units must have an approved Advancement to Candidacy form on file with the Office of Graduate Studies. Registration fees should be paid during the Priority Registration period to avoid the late fee. Students should then file the necessary paperwork with their department to have the units added.


Registration for 'Continuous Enrollment' must be approved by the department and the Office of Graduate Studies and is available only for graduate students who have advanced to candidacy and enrolled in culminating requirement units. Contact the Office of Graduate Studies for the registration form or download the pdf file. Please refer to our more detailed explanation of continuous enrollment if you are unsure of your eligibility.

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