Applicants With Foreign Documents

Required Documents

Please note: Students with records from certain countries have specific requirements about which documents they are required to submit. Please check our Specific Countries page to see if your country is listed. If not, please refer to the general information on this page.

If the country that you received your degree in is not listed on the Specific Countries page, please provide the following:

Official academic records are required from all post-secondary schools attended, showing all courses completed and/or in progress, and evidence of degree completion. Many Sacramento State graduate departments require an additional application form, as well as other requirements (e.g. letters of recommendation, portfolio, tests, essays, etc.). Please, contact your graduate department immediately for this information (see Graduate Programs).

Please, submit academic records for each semester or year attended. Academic records may be called transcripts, mark sheets, Certificado de Notas/Calificaciones/certificado de estudios, Relevé de notes, Diploma Supplement, Leistungsnachweise or other names; essentially these are the records showing course take and marks (grades) received. The word “official” means academic records that bear an official signature in ink of the affiliated college principal, University Registrar, Rector, Controller of Examinations or Recorder of Records, and bear the university’s seal. All documents must be sent directly from the university in sealed envelopes to Office of Graduate Studies at Sacramento State. An evaluation cannot be completed and an admission decision will not be made based upon unofficial, incomplete or consolidated academic records.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants who attended foreign institutions are required to submit transcripts one month prior to application deadline, in order to allow time for foreign credential evaluation.

Please do not send transcripts before you apply.  If you are not yet in our system when they arrive, they may not be matched to your application, and your application will be delayed.

You must also submit official documents of all degree certificates or diplomas, titulos, licenciados, Diplôme de Licence, Diplôme de Maîtrise, Diplôme de Docteur, Diplom Bakalavra. The document must bear an issuance date (month, day, and year), be granted by the university, and certified by one of the following: affiliated college principal, University Registrar, Rector, Controller of Examinations or Recorder of Records.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must submit academic records from ALL educational institutions attended, whether or not transfer credit is desired. Concealing attendance at an educational institution is considered a serious offense by the University and can nullify your admission and enrollment.