Civil Engineering

MS Concentrations: Environmental/Water Quality, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, Water Resources

Civil Engineering encompasses a broad range of professional activities. The four years of undergraduate preparation for the Bachelor of Science degree are devoted to fundamental analytical principles and basic design applications. For technical competence in specialized areas and continued effectiveness on the job, graduate study is becoming increasingly necessary.

Each area of concentration consists of a set of core courses, a choice of electives, and culminating requirements; all selected by the student and approved by an advisor. Practicing engineers who do not have a degree objective may choose to enroll in selected courses as part of a continuing education program.

Graduate students can also elect an emphasis in Engineering Management by taking elective courses in the College of Business Administration. Graduate students who are interested in this option can select up to 9 units of foundation courses and/or graduate business classes (refer to College of Business Administration catalog for listing of courses). Individual programs can be tailored with a faculty advisor.

Admission as a classified graduate student in Civil Engineering requires:

  • an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering; and
  • a minimum 2.8 GPA both overall and in upper division engineering courses.

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