Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Certificate: Clinical Competency

The primary mission of the California State University, Sacramento Doctor of Physical Therapy program is to graduate knowledgeable, effective, adaptable, and reflective physical therapist generalist practitioners and health care leaders.  Graduates demonstrate ethical, responsible, professional behavior, are sensitive to cultural and psychosocial differences, use evidence derived from the scientific and professional literature to inform independent judgments to meet patient needs and to advance the profession.  They utilize critical and integrative thinking and problem-solving, practice lifelong learning, and provide services that contribute to the optimal health and function of community residents.

Physical Therapy at Sacramento State is one of several professional curricula in the College of Health and Human Services. The program complements others in the College and provides opportunities for scholarship, instructional collaboration, and interaction.

The doctoral curriculum of 3 years, including summers, encompasses didactic instruction, laboratory experience, and clinical education. The clinical component is thirty-six weeks of full-time, off-campus clinical internships.

Admission as a classified graduate student in Physical Therapy requires:

  • have received (or will receive by the end of the Summer prior to the enrollment semester) a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university;
  • have completed nine (9) of the eleven (11) prerequisite courses by the December deadline. The two (2) remaining courses must be completed in the Spring and/or Summer semester (a maximum of one (1) of these courses may be completed during the summer);
  • have a minimum of 2.5 GPA for the last 60 semester units of your baccalaureate degree, for CSU’s Office of Graduate Studies Graduate Application;
  • have a minimum of 3.00 GPA in all the prerequisite coursework with grades of "C" or better in each course required for the Department of Physical Therapy’s DPT Supplemental Application.

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